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Freelance Assignment Writing: 5 Quick Tips For Beginners

Freelance assignment writing in layman’s term, independent writing can be a form of diversion or an actual means of living for a person. Although you can control the demand of freelance writing on your time - you being able to decide whether you’ll write or not - it requires dedication and attention as you have to focus on coming up with not just a satisfying, but exemplary work.

Being a freelance writer is a very promising career. Your knowledge will continuously be cultivated as you get to write about anything and everything under the sun - anything of your choice that is. You’ll experience the transition from having no idea at all on a certain matter, to being an expert on it.

Here are 5 quick tips for beginners as freelance assignment writers:

  1. Delayed gratification is more powerful
  2. You won’t notice it right away, but it pays to do hard work on freelance assignment writing. At first, you may find it a bit bizarre having to spend several hours sitting in front of your pc, thinking how you will start your writing, only to be paid a few dollars in the end. But as time goes by, when you’re already used to it, you would no longer notice the amount of time you’re spending on it. It’s all going to go smoothly like a part of your daily routine. You’ll suddenly find yourself having to choose what assignment you are going to write on. As your experience expands, you’re earning multiply as well. What you thought won’t pay well at start, turns out to be something that will provide for you and your family.

  3. Expand and strengthen your connections
  4. The best way to gain more clients is to have good connections. Strengthen your social connection by attending parties, forums, meeting, participating in online discussions, etc. In this way, you can promote your service and perhaps you can show them your sample articles. Once you get a client and you do well at it, by word of mouth you’ll soon attract more and more clients.

  5. Make Your Own Name in the Field
  6. While copy-paste is a mortal sin in the field of article writing, your continuous researches which will give you more knowledge and your ability to play with words will make you sound original and in turn be noticed and appreciated.

  7. Build your Reputation and Preserve it
  8. Trust is very important. Keep in mind that when a client assigns a task to you. They give their full trust that you will deliver it on time, that you’ll safeguard their reputation by posting a good-read article or blog in their website. It’s your responsibility to not break that trust. Be good at what you do, and everything will follow. Rewards and recognition is something you’ll surely get.

  9. Your Time and Ideas Should be Paid Right
  10. Freelance writers have the right to demand for the price of their works. Keep in mind, it’s your time that you are investing, as well as your ideas. It’s not easy to run around and learn new things to be able to come up with a good article. So don’t settle for anything less. You can set hourly rates or per article rates, which ever works for you, for as long as you will be correctly compensated for all your inputs.

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