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Where To Find Freelance Legal Writing Opportunities: Hints For Starters

What it takes to become a writer and works as a freelance

The only thing that you need to become a freelance writer all you need to be able to do is be able write anything at all. The only problem confronted by the beginners who are only just beginning to find their feet in this domain is that of finding the right jobs.

The Newbie quandary

It is quite common for the starting freelance legal writers to enter into an assignment without completely understanding what the range and scope of the job is, not to mention the fact that newbies are easy targets for the conniving employers looking to squeeze the juice out of the newbies and pay them virtually nothing at all.

Some tips to save you from yourself, and others:

First of all, you need to know that freelance writers are in high demand all across the market, and if you have specialized skills or knowledge about anything at all, this is to say a specific industry or field of study, the pool of prospective competitors with whom you will have to compete becomes much smaller in size.

Furthermore, you will find that the nature and scope of resources from where you may find a prospective client are legion… So, fret not.

We have created a small list of resources that may be of some utility to you in your writing opportunity search. The order of the list goes from the worst at the beginning, to the best at the last. You need to go through them before start working.

Freelancing job portals

Know that these are quite possibly the most well known web sites for people looking to work as freelancers. Also know that you should ideally avoid going to these web sites as these could easily lead your career to crash and burn even before it begins.

The main problems with finding opportunities on these resources is that there are way too many competitors who underbid, and the quality of the work is hardly ever proportional to the compensation. You will find that you never get paid for your true worth.

Content Mills

You put up a sample of your work on these content mills, and get rated, typically between 1 and 10. The operating principle is that the higher is your rating, the higher you will get paid.

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