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How To Become A Well-Paid Part-Time Freelance Medical Writer

If you are having a hard time finding medical writer positions, you will be surprised to know that such freelance jobs are available online in abundance! The demand for this kind of writing is great since there are a lot of branches in this field that need to be researched. With the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry there is a need for bigger awareness regarding health products in the market. New studies in medical science also call for more writers in the field. There are a lot of well-paid part-time freelance jobs for health professionals who can provide quality assistance and expertise.

The advantage of freelance writing is that you can choose from the big variety of projects based on your particular interested in medicine and on the time you have available. A flexible schedule is a big plus as well. The awesome thing about freelance writing is you will earn as much as you work – it’s all in your hands.

If you would like to apply your talents in the field of medical writing but don’t know where to start, here are some tips and ideas that will help you

  • Look for reputable websites that offer a big selection of jobs for freelance writers. As a rule, such websites have the demand for all kinds of professionals, including the medical writers. You can find positions available for either writing or editing texts on medical topics.
  • Connect with other freelance writers. There are a lot of message boards and forums where you can get in touch with other professionals in writing. You will find helpful links to trustworthy sources offering part-time jobs. Such forums are also great for sharing tips and tricks of the trade
  • Have your resume and writing samples available and up to date. Create a portfolio with different examples of your writing in the field of medicine. This way your prospective clients will be able to see straight away if your writing style suits their purposes. Have a resume that highlights your strong sides and demonstrates your experience.
  • Do your research. Nowadays, most of the medical companies promote their products or services through the internet. Obviously, they need skillful writers to create content for their websites. You may need to write about different pharmaceutical products, diseases and their treatments, new achievements in the medical science, etc. Writing directly to the companies is a great plus, because very often they simply do not have time to post vacancies or search through hundreds of resumes.

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