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What Does A Freelance Writer’s Resume Look Like: Tips And Examples

When working as a freelance writer, you’ll need to contact plenty of potential clients. To make their first impression about you as good as possible, you should know how to compose a successful resume. Many new writers don’t pay much attention to this matter, but a well written resume may open some doors for you that were closed in the past. Read this article to learn about composing a freelance writer’s resume.

  1. Write your contact information.
  2. First of all, you should write basic information about yourself in your resume. Indicate your full name, the address of your professional website (if you have one), and contact information like your phone number, address, or even professional accounts in social networks. For example:

    John Smith

    Tel: 777.555.4321

    Address: No. 10 Green Street, Yellow Hills, Neverland

  3. Write your objective.
  4. There are two types of objectives: generic and specific. A Generic objective should be applied if you want to indicate your general goals. For example: looking for a job writing web content. A specific objective is used when you want to work with a particular company. For example: obtaining employment as a columnist at the Resume & Example Company.

  5. Add your areas of expertise and qualifications.
  6. Write about your strong sides and types of work with which you successfully deal. For example:

    My qualifications:

    Extensive experience in writing on various topics

    High typing and reading speed

    Capable of meeting strict deadlines and working on several topics at once

    Areas of my expertise:


    SEO articles


  7. Add your professional experience.
  8. You shouldn’t list all your jobs as a freelance writer in this part. It’s better to choose your best positions and indicate them, giving links to some of your published work if possible. For example:

    My professional experience:

    Example newspaper, columnist, 2011-2013, [link 1], [link 2]

    Example online magazine, editor, 2012-2014, [link 1], [link 2], [link 3]

    Example website, content writer, 2013-2014, [link 1], [link 2]

  9. Add your education and academic achievements.
  10. To conclude your resume you should indicate educational institutions where you studied and list any academic achievements that confirm your excellent writing skills. For example:

    My education:

    The First Example University, Bachelor of Modern English Literature 2009

    The Second Example University, Master of Journalism 2011

Don’t stick to a single resume. Write various resumes depending on the jobs you want to apply to. Update your resume regularly so as not to miss your latest achievements.

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