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Freelance Writing Markets: How To Find The Best Job

If you are starting as a freelance writer and you want to find the best job, there are a few things that you should know.

  • - The first thing you should know is that finding the perfect job takes time. You will not simply click on a job bid on that job and find the best client with the highest paying job. It takes time and research on your behalf to locate the perfect job. If you want to make a great deal of money as a freelance writer you have to be willing to do the homework necessary. In some cases researching the perfect job takes a good portion of your day. It might take one or two hours per day to find good jobs. In the interim you can work on some of the lesser paying jobs so that you still make a profit while searching for those perfect jobs.

  • - You want to take the time to search for a job where you truly are the most qualified person. It might take a few days, weeks, or months for you to come across that one job that really speaks to you. You are more than likely flexible enough to cover a wide range of jobs on many different topics, but there will always be that one niche where you excel, where you're writing becomes more creative and passionate than ever. Perhaps you truly love the concept of holistic stress management, mindfulness, and you work as a lawyer. You can write about many other topics, legal topics, health topics, but then you will find that one job that asks you to craft an e-book about Mindfulness and integrating that into your legal practice to improve your practice and your personal relationships. And that will be the perfect job for you.

  • - When you start researching potential clients the person you want to look at is their profile. If you are using a top-tier freelance platform you have the ability to look at the profile of the person who is posting the job. You can see what jobs they have posted previously, if any, and you can look over the details of those jobs, how much they paid for the job, and what the clients and customers had to say about them. You might look at a potential job offer and think that it is top-notch but when you look at their website, you see that they focus highly on bragging about celebrities or name dropping, something which is unethical to you and makes them and improper fit. Might think a job is great and look at the freelance profile only to find that previous customers have complained that this client uses racial slurs, profane language, and doesn't issue payment on time.

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