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Freelance Tips: Writing A Letter Of Agreement In 4 Steps

A letter of agreement is a serious document that helps two certain parties come to a mutual decision. Such a document is written when a party agrees to do a certain work for the other party, or when they agree on certain conditions. It’s a responsible task that involves numerous details, accuracy and preciseness. As a freelance writer, you need to be very accurate to compose such a document.

What Is Required from You?

As a freelance writer, you hardly know the specifics of the case in detail. Everything you have is a number of points that you need to put into an utterly formal paper. That is, before you start doing ghost writing jobs, you need to make sure that you have everything that you may need for the letter of agreement and that there are no unclear or missing details. Besides that, you definitely need to support and secure your knowledge of this type of documents with the help of a reliable sample.

How to Compose a Proper Letter of Agreement?

  • Determine some formal details, such as the size of the type, margins, spacing, etc. You need to know all this for sure because it’s very important for a formal paper that is composed in accordance to a certain frame. If you are not sure, simply copy the sample that you have and adjust it to your situation.
  • State the essence of the agreement. For example, if a party agrees to do some work for the other party, describe it in essential details. That is, if somebody is hiring a contractor to organize a wedding, describe the duties that need to be performed: negotiations about the premises, ordering flowers, provide catering for the guests, hire a band, etc. Besides that, you need to describe the terms and conditions of the agreement execution that have already been determined by the parties. It’s a very important detail that can have a great influence on the whole agreement. Don’t forget about the payment information.
  • Add some information about confidentiality that is regulated by the law. As well, add the law information in case there is an argument on the agreement, and the parties need to know which law can be appealed to in such a situation.
  • Attach signature boxes. They should be accompanied with “Understood and Agreed” remarks. Make sure that you have done everything in a proper way. Check and double-check the text and have it checked by an electronic editing tool. Make sure that the document meets all the formal demands and standards for such papers.

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