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A Manual For The Freelance Food Writer: How To Get Better Jobs

Decide what area of food writing you might want to specialise in

If you’re thinking about becoming a freelance writer, then it is good idea to think of areas of food writing that you wish to specialise in. It may be that you want to critique restaurants, or you may want to write about different recipes. Alternatively, there are many websites and publications available that need to have articles and blogs written on food related topics. If you have been trained as a chef or you have any special skills relating to cooking, then you may wish to provide guidance and advice to budding chefs and amateur cooks. Alternatively, you may wish to write about all of these different areas and topics related to food.

Using freelance websites to get you started

In order to start finding your first jobs as a freelance food writer, you may wish to look on freelance websites. Many of these websites will provide a wide range of food related jobs, including plenty of work writing recipes for eBooks. However, the amount that many clients pay on these websites can be relatively little, particularly for recipe related work, as it is possible to get low paid writers from all around the globe to do the work for a low-cost. Having said that, it is always a good way of getting into the industry, as well as developing experience and creating samples that you can use in your portfolio.

Contacting magazines and newspapers that have food sections

Rather than looking on freelance websites, you may wish to try and find private clients of your own. A good way of doing this is by getting in touch with magazines and newspapers, either locally or internationally, and seeing if they have any food sections that you could write for. Before you start with this approach, it can be a good idea of seeing how you can help the client and writing a proposal based on any ideas that you may have.

Writing recipes eBooks that you then self-publish

Another way of developing a career as a freelance food writer is by creating recipe eBbooks that you then self-publish. Also, if you have anything additional that is interesting to say about the recipes, then it can help your book to stand out amongst the crowd. Whilst it is quite competitive market to get into, it is entirely possible to make a reasonable amount of money as long as you’re dedicated.

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