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Where To Look For Jobs For Video Game Writers: Fresh Ideas

If you enjoy writing and you love playing video games then you might wish to combine the two, in order to help you earn money. In fact, there are many individuals are able to make a living out of writing video game reviews, as well as a range of other content related to video games.

However, it is worth noting that it is a relatively competitive industry, and the number of opportunities available can be relatively limited, particularly in comparison to the number of people that would like to write about video games.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that you will not always be able to write about your favorite video games. In fact, sometimes you will have to play and review a range of games that you find rather tedious and boring.

Nevertheless, there are various ways in which you can look for jobs as a video game writer, with some fresh ideas outlined below.

Starting your own blog

One of the first suggestions is to start your own blog. Your blog can be about anything you want that is related to video games; however, it is best to try and think of something that is likely to appeal to other video game enthusiasts. For example, you may wish to write various reviews of games. Alternatively, you may wish to base your blog on various cheats that individuals can use. Equally, you may wish to write create walk-throughs that can be used by fellow gamers.

Ultimately, there are many different things that you can base your blog on; however, it is important that the content you create is well-written. In fact, if it is well produced, it is possible that your blog can attract the attention of big names in the industry, which could be one way of finding a job. Alternatively, you might find that your blog becomes a success on its own, and enables you to earn money in that way.

Contacting people in the industry directly

There are various ways that you can contact people directly in the industry in order to help you find work. For example, you may wish to write articles or other content for video game magazines or websites. However, it’s worth considering that many videogames require written content within the actual games themselves, so it might be worth contacting a company that actually produces video games to see if they need writers.

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