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How To Get The Best Freelance Writing Position: A Step-By-Step Guide

Working as a freelance writer is akin to utopia. It is the closest thing to heaven on earth that I have ever found. Having the freedom to work hours that suit, from anywhere in the world, and most importantly still be able to eat and keep a roof over your head, is the dream that most people aspire to, but in reality so few achieve. Maybe you are already dabbling around the edges of freelancing. Maybe you are drafting a few articles here and there, or doing bits and pieces while still holding down your regular job. If you are serious about doing this as a full-time career, then my step-by-step guide should take you one step closer to enjoying the lifestyle that you crave.

  1. Know what you want and go for it.
  2. Say for example you want to be a travel writer, but you are no closer to picking up a travel journal and pen than you are to actually jumping on a plane or a train, then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where you are going wrong. If however, you want a more generalized copywriting career, then the answers that you are looking for may not be so blatantly obvious. Figuring out exactly what you want to do is half the battle.

  3. Do some digging.
  4. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and then take a couple of hours to explore a few online freelance sites. If you are new to the game, register with a few and get a feel for what they can offer you.

  5. Ensure that your profile is complete.
  6. In order to secure the best positions, you need to make sure that any online profiles that you do set up are fully complete. This will include things like previous experience, qualifications. Whatever it is that you can bring to this party.

  7. Start sending out proposals.
  8. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “You’ve got to be in it to win it,” countless times. This is just as true of self-employed copywriting as it is for anything else that you will do in life. Crafting a proposal is a fine art, and practice makes perfect. The more proposals that you send out, the greater the chance that you will be awarded a project. Which in turn should lead to other projects coming your way.

  9. Don’t give up
  10. It might feel like you are at the bottom of the heap right now, but it won’t always be like this. Once you have established yourself as trustworthy and reliable, then the better jobs will follow.

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