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What To Remember Searching For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Positions

Freelance writing is a very lucrative job is you get the basics right. The difference between those who have succeeded and those who failed is in remembering a few crucial points. Those who have failed to consider these facts have met frustrations along their writing career and ended up leaving in a huff.

Pitch as much as possible

Well paying clients are not easy to find. Your first client will not pay the best. It takes several trials and evaluating a number of clients to get a good one. Evaluate the offers given by several of them before settling on one. In some cases, the clients will require experience and also demand to test your skills. It is advisable that you remain patient and produce the best work during the trial period.


Well paid freelance writing positions are easily available to writers with experience. This experience is demonstrated in your understanding of instructions and how you deliver. A client would be willing to raise his offer if you have been offering quality work consistently. To achieve this, you will be required to work with one reliable client for a while to gain his confidence and have a bargaining power that will be useful when bargaining for a higher pay.

This however does not mean that you should work for free to gain experience. Ensure that each word you writer gets you value for your time. Even work written during the probation period should be paid for.


Clients will pay any amount to get quality work. The best way to earn more as a freelance writer is through constant improvement. To achieve this, you will need to research in the area you write about and understand all the instructions given by clients.

To produce quality work, you must proofread the work before submitting. The work should be free of typographical as well as grammatical errors. It should be interesting to read and precisely capture the attention of the reader based on the topic being you are writing about.

Be Reliable

Successful and well paid freelance writers have mastered the art of reliability. As a writer, be available when the client requires your services and deliver the work in good time. A writer who meets the expectations of the client will always get more and better paying jobs. Such a client is also likely to refer you to another client which will increase your earnings.

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