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How to Find Profitable Freelance Business Writers' Jobs

Freelance writing is a great process, so long as you know how to find trusted freelance business writer jobs. As a freelance writer, you have to assume that every job is similar to you applying for an office job. Think back to the few times you have reviewed job openings and applied. You would never have applied to just any and every job offer even remotely related to you, so do not do it as a freelance writer. So before you waste time and money applying to jobs, take some time to do your homework.

  • Refine your search with keywords so that you focus only on business writer jobs. This can save you time by refining the jobs that pop up to those which you would actually enjoy.
  • Do not work with someone who has a bad history. The client is going to take time to review your profile, so make sure you take time to review theirs. Take that extra two minutes to look over what other freelance writers have to say about their experience. One bad review is not the end of the world, but if they have no reviews save for two highly negative ones about unprofessional behavior and lack of payment, then you should be concerned. Keep an eye out for things of this nature and do not bid on their jobs if that is the case, or accept job offers from them.
  • Look for jobs that meet your schedule. If you want something quick, something that you can complete in one day and be done with before the weekend, look for jobs that are on a tight schedule or are time sensitive. If you want something long term, look out for jobs that specifically state they are long term or they want daily work.
  • Check that the person you are using is verified by the freelance platform. Look for one who uses the designated platform payment methods.
  • Before you start work, make sure milestones are funded. If you are using a top tier freelance platform, they have an escrow system which handles this for you, but you should still hold off on work until escrow is funded. If you are using an hourly job, do not start working until the client has verified their payment method. If they do not have a payment method verified on file, you will not be automatically paid.

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