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5 Legitimate Ways to Jump-Start Your Freelance Writing Career

  1. Be available regularly. Yes, being a freelance writer brings with it a great deal of freedom, but that freedom has to earned, just the same as any form of freedom. And the way you earn that freedom is by being available for regular professional communication at the start of things.
  2. Respond quickly. If you are trying to nab a long term job that will really get your freelance career off and running, do not casually wait two or three days to return an email to the person who asked you what your availability and fees are. If you can just take a few minutes each day to check, and then respond as necessary, you will earn a great deal more money and opportunities from clients.
  3. Weigh your options. Sometimes you can stumble upon great opportunities if you stay connected all weekend, because clients might be in a rush. But if you have the opportunity to go rock climbing with friends, do not ignore them or cancel on them last minute just to snag a new job that might be able to wait until the following Monday. On the other hand, if you are struggling to pay for the car that broke down this week, or you need to save up money for a trip back home, then it might actually be in your best interest to stay in one weekend (though plan ahead for this) and nab those last minute weekend jobs. People who need a rush job on the weekend tend to pay higher, but also bear in mind that there are not always people who need a rushed weekend job. You might sit home all weekend and end up with no extra work. That is why you need to weigh your options.
  4. Bid regularly. Make sure you bid on things regularly. You might review over two dozen new jobs posted online since yesterday, but only bid on one. That is fine so long as you truly want that job.
  5. Have a thorough profile. Just because you are new to a particular freelance field does not mean you have no experience or information to share. Fill out your profile with details and information from a slightly human perspective so that clients who are considering your services do not click on your profile only to read “writing. Go-getter. Here to offer high quality”. This will come off quite oddly and will not be in your best interest.

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