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How To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter If You Have No Experience

If you know how to make someone take action with your words, you can be a great copywriter without any experience. Freelance editing jobs is a great job to have because it is the easiest writing job that make a huge hunk of money. You can easily be a well-paid freelance copywriter. There are some simple steps to follow that will help you get to where you want to be.

This is one of the most prestigious freelance positions. These are the go-to people for major companies who are looking to promote their products. Copywriters are the writers that promote the products. They write the advertisements that make you want to go out and buy the product. They cause you to take action. Here is how you can join the elite.

  1. Join a freelance forum
  2. The first step is to join a freelance forum. You can choose any forum to join but it is probably best to join a popular one so that you can get your name out faster.

  3. Build a profile
  4. You are able to build a profile on these sites. You would want to promote yourself by completing the profile and selling yourself. How can you sell someone’s products or services if you can’t sell your own? Make them want you. Make them need you.

  5. Choose a niche market
  6. It is best to choose a niche market. Be an expert in something instead of dabbling in everything. You want to be the guru or go-to writer for that niche market.

  7. Offer introductory pricing
  8. Lower your price for the first time around. Be sure to let the client know that this is an introductory price or you will be stuck writing for that reduced rate for the life of the project.

  9. Market your services
  10. You have to sell your services. Talk to friends. Get business cards. Network with the people at the gym or at your kid’s soccer game.

  11. Create a website
  12. It is not that hard to create your own website. It is not that expensive either. It is a lot of work to get it to the top of the list but you can still benefit from having one. Have a place to direct your clients where they can learn about you and your company and see samples of the work that you can do. You just look more professional when you have a website. You are an entrepreneur after all.

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