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Essentials of Freelance Resume Writing: A Brief Introduction

One of the more popular niches of freelancing is resume writing. There are endless amounts of projects to bid on as the internet has made it easy for people to work on resume building with clients from all over the world. However, there are a few essentials you need to know about this are of work that will help you find success.

Here’s a brief introduction:

You will be competing with resume writing mills.

Most clients who need work on their resume will likely need to save time and simply go with one of the many writing mills out there. For a reasonable fee and a short questionnaire to fill out, a client can expect a completed product put together by a professional within a few days’ time. This will be your competition, so as a freelancer you must set yourself apart from one of these companies.

Your prices must reflect your expertise.

Some freelance writers can expect to make as much as $300 per resume while others can expect to make as little as $100. It all comes down to how much expertise goes into the finished product. The more certifications earned or the more products produced will put a freelancer on the higher end, but if you are just starting out expect to take on projects on the lower end of the spectrum.

You must have experience in several job industries.

It’s never enough to just be able to produce resumes in one job industry. You should study and gain experience in several. You don’t want to limit your opportunities to get high paying jobs. This means having to put in the work to know what keywords, action words, formats, highlights, and skills work best in several different job industries.

Your ratings will likely make or break your future business.

The better your customer satisfaction ratings the easier it will be to land new projects. This also means that having average or low ratings will make it harder to get future business. Even if a project takes a lot more work than you first expected, you should always put in your best effort, regardless of what your actually getting paid to complete the job.

Expect a lot of communication from clients.

Clients will expect a lot of communication when they hire you for a project like this. And why wouldn’t they? Many will be looking for a job soon or have already started. They won’t be satisfied until they have a completed copy sitting right in front of them. That means you will be expected to ask questions, answer questions, and generally provide several updates throughout the project.

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