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The Key To Getting Good Teenage Freelance Writing Jobs Online

There are many freelance platforms that you can use when you are first beginning which will help you get started. Some platforms are designed to cater toward those who have experience writing, but not necessarily experience working as a freelance writer. These sites let you pick whichever job you want from a list of potential jobs.

  • - With sites like these, the rates are fixed, which means there is no room to negotiate and you have the freedom to select from set pay rates for set jobs. There is great potential in jobs like these, especially for students. You might get paid $5 for a 500 word article which takes you 20 minutes to write. But if you can write for two hours, and complete 6 articles, that is $30 for the two hours, or $15/per hour. This rate might be more than you would make elsewhere and it is also a standard rate that you can rest assured is guaranteed. This is often a more appealing offer compared to a site where you have to compete with every other writer and try to bid on each job you want.

  • - In cases like these, instead of being able to just click on 6 different articles and write them in a matter of 2 hours, you would have to pay to bid on six different job, and only if you were selected for all of them (which is not statistically likely) would you be able to work on them. But in these cases, you also would not be able to work when you wanted. You might have 2 hours free in the afternoon, but the assignments might not be awarded to you until the next day, when you are back in school and unable to work on them. This is why it is better to work with sites that cater to beginners, especially if your schedule with school is not flexible at the moment.

  • - You should create a portfolio, one which has a collection of some of your finest writing pieces. Just because you are young or new to the world of online writing does not mean that you cannot create a comprehensive portfolio. You can find some of your term papers or write a short article on a subject of your choosing and include that in your portfolio.

  • - When you sign up, make sure to fill out your portfolio. If the freelance site you are using offers you a writer’s portfolio then you should fill it out to the best of your abilities. No one on the site has to know how old you are, just your portfolio and your skills.

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