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How to Find Stable Freelance Writing Jobs Online Without Trouble

There are numerous sites online promising lucrative careers as writers. Many have ended up as scams while others are unreliable to the point of not sustaining a writer. However, there are incredible online freelance writing platforms offering quality and consistent work to interested writers. The following simple criterion can be used to identify reliable site.

  1. Professional writing services
  2. A professional writing site offers standardized packages to all writers. The process of recruitment is clear with standard tests and qualification demands for every writer being recruited. Other features of quality freelance writing service providers include bonuses for quality work, specialization in a particular field, e.g. academic, blog posts, web content, etc. as well as reliable payment options. The website offers clear instructions on their work and standard procedures for accessing the work and submitting it after completion.

    Professional freelance writing websites have strict terms and conditions for their writers. These conditions stipulate the level of academic qualification, language of use, formatting details and the need for a writer to be a native speaker. They also provide penalties guides for writers who do not adhere to the set terms and conditions. These rules apply to all writers working for the website.

  3. Referral
  4. Most reliable freelance writing websites have referral incentives where existing writers recruit potential writers on their behalf. If you know a person who is already writing on freelance, you may ask for a referral. The already existing writer will guide you on the requirements set which makes it easier to be confirmed. A referral is advantageous since the writer referring you has tested the system and knows that how it works. You are unlikely to be duped into a con system.

  5. Get own clients
  6. By advertising your freelance writing services, you will attract the attention of interested clients. By sustaining quality work, you will retain these clients and even get referrals for others to engage your services. This gives you the advantage of negotiating your work rates and getting the full amount compared to writing bureaus where they deduct agency fees. To maintain your clients, you must provide the following:

  • Quality of work- understand your client’s needs in terms of style and quality and ensure that you deliver.
  • Consistent work- be available whenever clients needs your services. Deliver in good time without the need for constant correction.
  • Niche- specialize in a particular area e.g. blog posts, web content or academic work. You will become an expert which makes it easier to complete your work and deliver to the expectations of your clients.

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