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Applying For Freelance Writing Jobs Online Without Experience

Whether you are looking to make a little extra cash from home or if you are looking at getting started in a career that gives you a tremendous amount of freedom being your own boss, freelance writing is an excellent choice. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of freelancers around the world, and the number continues to go grow each year. Despite the rise in professionals who are entering this line of work there are a surprisingly high number of opportunities available. Here’s how to apply for freelance writing jobs online when you don’t have any experience:

  • Start Research the Industry
  • Spend a few hours researching the industry. Browse through freelancers profiles to get a feel for what a good one looks like and what you will want to do with your own. Also pay attention to the kinds of clients that are hiring. Identify potential clients within your niche areas to target and submit direct requests to.

  • Create a Profile and Portfolio
  • Now it’s time to create your own profile and portfolio. On your profile list all of your relevant skills directly related to the types of writing jobs you will be looking for. Make sure to make your profile short and catchy, no one likes reading large pieces of text. Upload sample documents to the portfolio so that clients could get an idea of your writing style and voice.

  • Master the Art of the Proposal
  • Great proposals are extremely important in this line of work. Just put yourself in the client’s position, having to sort through dozens of proposals that appear to be the same. The freelancer who gets noticed is the one whose proposal is different from the rest and directly addresses all of the characteristics a client is looking for.

  • Connect with Other Experts
  • You can find out a lot about how to do well in this business by making connections with other freelancers. Not only will you get some ideas for improvement as well as some valuable resources, but you might even hear about some specific job opportunities you may otherwise never have heard about.

  • Work Towards Improvement
  • Finally, be sure that you are consistently working towards improving your craft. Make it a point to add a new skill or experience in another subject area. This will open more doors for you and you will have an easier time landing the jobs you want the most.

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