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How To Find The Best Freelance Medical Writing Opportunities

Scour the listings of freelance websites

If you are interested in becoming a freelance medical writer, then it can be a good idea to look through the listings of freelance websites. Many of the biggest websites will have jobs relating to a wide range of different skills, including medical writing.

vAs long as you have either a background in medicine or experience when it comes to medical writing, you stand a good chance of being awarded jobs. However, it is worth noting that medical writing is not one of the most commonly sought-after skills on major freelancing websites, therefore, you need to be prepared to look elsewhere as well.

Look for medical writing websites on the internet

There are plenty of medical writing websites available on the Internet. Generally, these websites will be owned by small companies offering services to companies and organisations around the globe. If you have the necessary skills, then it can be a good idea to try and contact as many of these sites as possible, so as to offer your services. Whilst many of them may be relatively small companies and not able to take on extra full-time employees, it is possible that they may still need people on an ad hoc basis.

Approach private doctors and hospitals about their writing needs

Rather than waiting for the job to come to you, it can be better to try and seek them out yourself. A good approach is to try and contact as many private doctors and hospitals as possible and see if they need any help writing any content. It may be that they are looking for someone to write brochures, leaflets and a wide range of other materials. Even if you don’t get any work straightaway, you should suggest that they keep your information and contact you should anything arise.

Contact drugs companies, medical equipment suppliers and other medically-related firms

Another way of finding private clients is to contact private companies that work in the medical field. There are many different companies supplying a wide range of equipment, drugs and other products to surgeries, hospitals and pharmacies. Inevitably, there will be occasions where these companies need to have content written for them. Therefore, it is advisable to try and get in touch and see if you can get any writing jobs with them. As with all freelancing work, when looking for private clients, sometimes you have to be patient, but eventually the work is likely to come along as long as you have the skills.

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