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A Comprehensive Tutorial On How To Start A Career As A Freelance Essay Writer

“So, how exactly do I get started in essay freelance writing?” Does this question seem familiar to you? Have you caught yourself wondering the exact same thing every time you read yet another article about a freelancing success story? We get this question in various forms and thought it would be helpful to aspiring freelancers if we created this comprehensive tutorial on how to start a career as freelancer essay writer:

  • Research both the competition and opportunities
  • Since you are new to this you’re going to have to spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land. Several freelancing sites make it easy to create a profile and submit bids, but if you don’t know anything about what works and what doesn’t work, you’re not going to find much success. Look for the most successful freelance essay writers and check out their profiles. Learn all you can about the kind of work that is available and how much you can expect to get paid. All of this should give you a leg up over others who enter this profession blindly.

  • Create an eye-catching profile and portfolio
  • After you’ve done your research you can get started with building that profile and portfolio. In your profile, use sharp and direct sentences. Keep in mind that no one wants to read large blocks of text, so put your most important skills near the top in short paragraphs or bullet points. Next, upload a profile demonstrating your best work in whatever niche market you want to enter. This will allow potential clients to review your work without you having to submit proposals, which is great because it means you might even start seeing invitations to bid from people who are already interested in learning more about you.

  • Learn to write customized winning proposals
  • On that note… you should learn how to write customized winning proposals. Sounds easy right? It’s actually a lot tougher than you think, but with enough practice you should start getting interviews more often than not and will be one step closer to landing that perfect writing job. Create a basic template where you provide all of your background information, then create targeted comments and statements that speak directly to clients’ needs. This should convince them that you’ve taken the time to review their post, and demonstrate that you aren’t simply applying to everything you see available.

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