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How to Write an Outstanding Resume to Get the Best Freelance Writing Jobs

When one applies for a job, a resume is all which represents her among the pile of other applicants’ application and henceforth, it is essential that the resume must be good enough to grab the attention of the employer. A writing resume is no different genre from a resume for a regular job; however, there are certain things which are to be kept in mind. It starts of with the basic information which is included in each and every application of its type such as name, contact information, address. Here, you can also include your website or your blog’s address; this can do wonders as it gives the employer heads-up of what sort of work they can expect from you.

The second essential ingredient is objective, which can either be particular or generic in nature depending on the type of job. Thereafter, follows your educational qualifications and/ or area of expertise. This is one section where you can give overview of all what you can offer to do for the employer like years of writing and research expertise, or being skilful in MS Word or other essential programs or expertise in SEO Articles/ Product Reviews etc. If one has great academic or educational achievements to mention about, these should definitely be mentioned as they speak for themselves.

These achievements repose trust in your employer that the application he/ she is holding is no waste and deserves to be considered. Professional experience, it is highly important to mention about all the experience you have till date in the business. You should give all the necessary details like position held, responsibilities and achievements in a concise form. It is a blueprint of your professional history and is looked into meticulously by the employers. One of the greatest ways to showcase your skills is by clipping your previous work in this section (you can mention links of your previous published works).

If you have side skills or interests, then you shouldn’t feel shy from mentioning the same. It may include your passion for music or food or anything; it is to be remembered that your curriculum vitae represents you as a person and should represent you in effective personal capacity, with a highlight upon what sort of person you are and shouldn’t include just the business aspect. At last, you can also include references of the previous persons who have hired you and have been happy with your work. It is also advisable to have different sort of curriculum vitae for different sort of jobs and definitely to keep updating it from time to time. Researching a bit about the company before applying for job and editing your curriculum vitae accordingly is also a good strategy. These are the basic points that are to be kept in mind to have an outstanding resume.

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