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Where To Get Online Freelance Sports Writing Jobs: Solid Advice For Beginners

As a freelancer new to the field, you may find yourself at a loss about where to begin acquiring jobs. This is common so do not be deterred. Before one is hired, there are many things that they should be aware of and possess to ensure their success in the field. As a sports writer, you have selected a very specific field which comes with its own sets of rules to follow.

Every freelancer must first master the basics before they can move on to the job type of their desires, one cannot simply start at the top. To begin acquiring jobs as a sports writer, you should first consider the following bits of advice:

  1. Conduct research on the markets
  2. As regular person, it is quite easy to be unaware of the wide range of opportunities and activities available for your consumption. Get familiar with a good search engine and try to research, as best as you can, the different arenas in which you can acquire sports writing jobs. Even after you acquire a job, continue this practice as new opportunities always appear.

  3. Acquire the required skills
  4. Sports journalism is sure to have its own styles that are preferred over other, familiarize yourself with these styles and acquire the ones that you do not already possess.

  5. Be an active freelancer
  6. Even though you may not immediately acquire you desired job types, you can still make decent money by doing different jobs. This way, you can build your reputation as a writer, making you a more viable employee to potential employers. You may also have the opportunity to meet people that can also provide you with your desired job type.

  7. Start a blog of your own
  8. Demonstrating your sports writing skills is a good way to attract the attention of an employer and what better way to do this than to start you own blog.

  9. Browse job posting sites frequently
  10. Jobs come and go by quickly so make sure you frequently check all of your job posting contacts. Good jobs can be gone in minutes so be vigilant.

  11. Talk to other sports journalists
  12. Contacting a known sports writer and asking for tips, or even a recommendation can be an easy to land yourself a nice job. Most journalists provide contact information so contacting one should not be hard. You could also directly email a moderator of a popular sports publication.

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