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In Search Of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online: A Basic Guide

In freelance writing, academic writing is most times, compared to technical writing. In definition, it is the writing of text that is related to a specialized academic subject which could be in the humanities like art, history and literature. This could also be in the sciences like mathematics, chemistry and physics. This means that you have a broad knowledge in any of the subjects and good writing skills that explain points in an understandable way, then you can make money copywriting. You don’t necessarily have to be in an office to do this type of work. Yes, you can make money freelancing from the comfort of your home.

When you choose to earn money through freelance academic writing, you can prepare journals, edit journals, write term papers, thesis/dissertations or even work remotely with research organizations, book publishers or any individuals in need of well-researched and well-written academic content. There are several different ways to find writing gigs online. This guide will give you a few tips on how to make the most of this venture. There are various types of writing sites online and this includes:

  • Bidding sites
  • Match-making sites
  • First come, first serve sites

Bidding sites: In freelance writing, these are those sites where writers find writing jobs by submitting proposals on different jobs. Since you are interested in academic writing, you devote time to searching for jobs posted under this category and submit your proposal. Such proposal contains a little about yourself and the services you render, your qualifications for the job and your capabilities, how much you will charge for the project and turnaround time. You should know that a lot of other persons will bid on the job so, craft a convincing proposal so that yours can be chosen.

Match-making sites: These are those sites where both the freelance writers and potential clients have open profiles that show their skills to enable potential clients view them and choose who they want to work with. For this reason, make sure you have a captivating and informative bio without grammar or typing errors.

First come, first serve: In this type of site, intending writers pass through a series of writing test to determine their skills and expertise on certain topics. Based on your scores in various categories, when jobs matching your skills are posted, you will receive a notification along with other people with matching skills. Whichever freelance writer clicks on the job first, gets to do it.

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