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Freelance Writing For Beginners: 3 Tips That Will Give You Confidence

Amateur freelance writers often lack the confidence that they need in order to succeed. They feel uncomfortable contacting editors and managers and sending their sample works. Studies have shown that there is an inverse relationship between how confident a writer is and how talented he or she is. The main reasons for this are the following:

  • Perfectionism. Beginners want their texts to be perfect, so they send out nothing at all.
  • Lack of feedback from clients. When you don’t have any feedback, you often feel less confident about what you’re doing.
  • Fear of making a mistake. In many cases, there is no wrong or right way to write content, so demonstrate your own point of view and stay creative.
  • Fear of being rejected. Since even experienced writers often get rejected, it doesn’t make sense to be afraid and send nothing at all.

You should try three simple tips for beginners that will give you confidence:

  1. Remember that it’s just a job, so don’t take it personally.
  2. If a freelance writer gets rejected, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad person or lacks the necessary skills to fill in the position. Consider rejection as a business decision, nothing more. You shouldn’t overthink it, no matter what the reason for not getting a gig is. Of course, freelance writers feel confused when they can’t get a job for a while, but don’t worry too much and just keep trying.

  3. Keep in mind that editors and managers aren’t thinking about you.
  4. The truth is that editors and other people that you communicate with are thinking about themselves, not you, so it’s fine to be five minutes late or make minor mistakes. Eventually, you work as a part of a team where professionals should help each other in order to complete a project successfully. Everyone has a job to do, so people usually don’t mind what you’re doing since you handle your tasks in a proper manner. Feeling that others are responsible for a project as well increases confidence.

  5. Consider what you’re afraid of.
  6. The first step that you should make is to realize what you’re afraid of. You should identify exactly that which causes your lack of confidence. It’s a good idea to ask yourself: “So what? How likely is this situation to occur?” You need to be honest with yourself, and you’ll probably find out that you won’t have much trouble. This indeed helps amateur freelance writers gain confidence they need in order to develop their careers.

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